Our supply chains will not be affected by the Coronavirus outbreak 2020-02-14

Despite of the Coronavirus outbreak happening in the Asian-Pacific region, Taiwan has not been under the influence of the Coronavirus outbreak. As an isolated island apart from China where the virus is now prevailing the most, Taiwan has one of the best healthcare systems in the world and remains no community infection.


Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC Taiwan) has developed and deployed comprehensive epidemic prevention measures since the beginning of the Coronavirus infection in Wuhan (China) in January, 2020. CDC Taiwan is now taking every possible measure to defend our country from this pandemic. The outbreak of the Coronavirus has only caused minor drawback to Taiwan’s economy. Most of the manufacturing industries, such as metal processing, remain unaffected by the outbreak. All Kosmos parts are manufactured in Taiwan and we assure you that the capacity of our supply chains remains intact. So does Kosmos.


Taiwan has been known for its stability and reliability for decades. Our society regard integrity as one of the most important core values. Customers of Kosmos can trust our promise on our production and supply chains with confidence. Please do not worry and feel free to contact us if you need any further information.