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With more than 41 years of experience, we have established good relationship with our customers and been proud to say that we have met and greatly satisfied their demands. Stability in production quality is maintained all throughout to offer our clients with the most competitive price
Quality Control
Q.C./Technical Support Our QC inspectors are highly trained in detection even the smallest of flaws. Brown & Sharpe Hexagon Metrology.(Semi-auto) Vision Measuring Machine.Profile Projector
The KOSMOS constantly improves the production technology, and tries our best to meet the requests of clients. At present, our products export to EU,U.S.A., Germany, Italy Canada, Spain and other countries for several years, and gain favorable comments of the foreign clients. The companys tenet is always in pursuit of our clients needs.


Usable Low-Lead Copper/Brass/Bronze after the deadline of RoHS Lead Exemptions(2021.07.21)
Seven exemption groups have been approved for the use of lead in certain applications under EU RoHS Annex III for a few more years. In the past, Copper alloys products lead up to 0.4% by weight. But after the exemption deadline July 21 2021, Lead (Pb) tolerance will 
Our supply chains will not be affected by the Coronavirus outbreak
Despite of the Coronavirus outbreak happening in the Asian-Pacific region, Taiwan has not been under the influence of the Coronavirus outbreak. As an isolated island apart from China where the virus is now prevailing the most, Taiwan has one of the best healthcare systems in the world and remain
Sectional symbol
  Sectional symbol Cross section refers to showing off the surface of the object,Such as a circular cross-section of the sphere,Also known as cross-sectional, cut or section. In mechanical drawing, In order for a side cross-sectional view of the internal mechanical parts have a good unde
Deburring (deburring) process
    Deburring (deburring) process Deburring deburring definition, It's to remove the workpiece machined thorn or burr was formed around the site. The most commonly used method deburring  this little thing was not much, but it is a direct impact on the quality of the product. So