Deburring (deburring) process 2015-12-01



Deburring (deburring) process

Deburring deburring definition, It's to remove the workpiece machined thorn or burr was formed around the site.

The most commonly used method deburring

 this little thing was not much, but it is a direct impact on the quality of the product. So in recent years, with the industry's attention to deburring, deburring methods are endless. 


Hand deburring

The traditional way is artificial steel filing, sandpaper, grinding polished; while trimming knife gradually replaced these traditional methods, easy to use, does not require technical processing, cost savings and environmental protection.

Chemical deburring electrochemical reaction principle, the metal material parts automatically selectively complete deburring operations. It can be widely used for deburring pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical engineering, glib pumps, cars, engines and other metal materials in different industries pump, valve, connecting rod, piston needle coupled parts and other parts. Suitable for difficult to remove internal burrs, after heat treatment and finishing of parts.

Electrolytic deburring

Use electrolysis to remove an electrolytic machining method for a metal burr, the English abbreviation ECD. The tool cathode (usually brass) have a fixed place in the vicinity of the workpiece burr of the site, both located a gap (typically 0.3 to 1 mm). Tools cathode conductive portion aligned with burr edge, other surfaces covered with an insulating layer up, focused on the role of the electrolytic deburring parts. When machining tool cathode connected DC power negative, the workpiece then positive DC power supply. A pressure of 0.1 to 0.3 MPa low pressure electrolyte solution (typically sodium or chlorine with aqueous sodium) flows between the workpiece and the cathode. When connected to a DC power source, glitches will produce anodic dissolution was removed, was taken away by the electrolyte. There are certain corrosive electrolyte, the workpiece should be cleaned deburring and rust treatment. Electrolytic deburring suitable for removing parts of the hidden parts of the cross-hole or shape complex parts burr, high production efficiency, deburring time is usually just a few seconds to tens of seconds. This method is commonly used in gears, splines, connecting rod, and crankshaft oil passage orifice valve, etc. deburring and rounding sharp corners and so on. The disadvantage is nearby burr also been electrolysis, the surface will lose their luster, and even affect the dimensional accuracy