Request for Quotation

How to request for Quotation?

  1. Contact us with E-mail
  2. Attach your CAD Drawing  
    • Formats we prefer :  .PDF、.DWG、.STEP
  3. Provide following information sufficiently:
    • Material
    • Surface finish
    • Quantity
    • Dimension
    • Other Requirement
  4. Other Information we'll glad to get:
    • Lead time  (If you're in urgent)
    • Target Price  (If you have budgetary concern)
    • The Purpose of Usage or  important detail of the Drawing
      ( If the original design is out of our capability, we can suggest alternative materials or  construction methods according to those information  )

  5. We will provide our quotation as soon as possible !


  1. Provide offical Order With below information :
    • Customer's company information
    • Parts details
      • Part number
      • Revision number
      • Quantity
      • Price
    • Payment term
    • Lead time
    • Term of Shipping and Packing
    • Certificate requirements
    • Order details
    • Other requirement
  2. Attach official drawing with order
  3. Order Confirmation
    • We'll reply you the order confirmation and the scheduled finished date

Production, Packaging And Delivery

The production, packaging and delivery will be done according the arrangements