CNC Turning Parts

CNC Turning/Lathe machine is a machining/cutting tool which fixed and rotated the raw material rod on it's driving headstock, to remove the material by means of relative movement between various cutting tools and raw material rod.
A CNC Turning/Lathe Machine can be combined with specific machining operations, such as turning, threading, boring, drilling, grooving, reaming, cutting, facing, parting, knurling, etc.Turning Parts

A CNC Turning/Lathe Machine with computer numerical control(CNC) can be a powerful machine integrated with highly precision CNC control, automatic feeders, coolant systems, translation/rotary systems, etc.

KOSMOS Industries Corporation mainly operated with highly precision Japan and Taiwan CNC Turning/Lathe Machining Center, such like Nomura, Star, Moriseiki, Miyano, Takisawa, Chiah Chyun, etc, basically generalized into Fixed Head and Sliding Head Turning/Lathe Machining Centers for various purpose.

  • CNC Turning Parts with a great range of CNC machine .We are the Specialty manufacturers available on many specialty steels, whether direct milling from bars or secondary operation after cold heading or hot forging , we routinely machine parts for automotive, aerospace, medical , marine and hydraulic industries.
  • We can also offer turned part related services like ultrasonic cleaning, platin,coating, hardening, surface finishing and OEM assembly.KOSMOS Industries Will provide you with the highest quality products and services.