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Valve body

1. OEM Stainless steel part, stainless shaft, and stainless industrial parts:
- High precision, price competitive
- Non-standard, contour according to your drawings
- Material: stainless steel, iron, alloy metal, etc...
- Finish: According to the requirement


The Bars Stainless Steel 304 Flanges that we offer are used in order to fix two sturdy pipes accurately. Our main objective is to live up to the expectations of the clients customized requirements. The materials used in its making have been procured from vendors who are known for their quality stock. Using state of the art machinery and a wide selection of materials, our precision CNC manufacturing process is a cost effective way to produce everything from prototypes to large production runs. Use our free CAD software to design your custom part and let our machine shop handle the rest. You have our commitment to quality machining and to your full satisfaction.