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OEM high precision sheet metal stamping

Stamping Parts
1.Material:Stainless Steel
2.Length: 110 mm
3.Tolerance: 0.005 mm
4.Technology: Stamping
5.Finish: None
6.Place of Origin:Taiwan
7.Competitive price
8.Tooling lead time: 2- 3 week

Advanced Equipments
We have developed 6 Stamping production lines, with biggest hydraulic pressing machine of 2500ton and mechanical pressing machine of 800ton,and progressive dies of pressing is available. Besides the Stamping production lines, we also equipped with a welding production line with welding robot, an assembly line and a machining production line. Besides our own equipments, we have also professional suppliers of assistant industries, like surface treatment suppliers of powder coating, zinc plating, hot dip galvanizing, .
Main customer & Products application
Our main customer include: Foton, Girardin Mini Bus, Dieau, Battenfeld Technologies Inc etc. Main products application: Auto parts, Leisure shooting parts, Outdoor & Indoor articles, Garden instrument parts etc.