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Small tongue blade

Stamping Part
1.Material: Steel
2.Diameter: 20 mm
3.Tolerance: 0.005 mm
4.Technology: Stamping
5.Finish: None
6.Place of Origin:Taiwan
7.Competitive price
8.Tooling lead time: 2- 3 week

KOSMOS have 30 years of experience in processing in Taiwan,  we have been continually elevating the quality of our metal stamping parts, precision sheet metal fabrication KOSMOS products are Quality management periodic maintenance machinery, ensuring strict control on process details.

Regardless of the material size, shape, or complexity of your stamping, we can meet your needs accurately and consistently. From lead frames to terminals, contacts, covers, and inserts, our metal stamping processes are appropriate for metal parts ranging from 0.001" to 0.125" in thickness. We feature up to 40-ton press capacity and can hold a +/- 0.0005" tolerance.

At Asia-Pacific Metal Stampings, we pride ourselves on producing parts that meet and exceed even the most stringent quality standards. As an ISO 9001:2008 Certified metal fabricator, we follow uncompromising quality practices in everything we do.

We are also Strictly follow ROHS Compliant, and we are a proud winner of the Lean Manufacturing Award.

Service of reliable application for electronics, semiconductor, telecommunication industries, digital cameras, cell phone, and PC/Notebook items, Ming Chiang metal stamping parts are your premium choice with the satisfying performance and durability.