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stamping product

Stamping Parts
1.Material:Stainless Steel
2.Diameter: 17mm
3.Tolerance: 0.005 mm
4.Technology: Stamping
5.Finish: None
6.Place of Origin:Taiwan
7.Competitive price
8.Tooling lead time: 2- 3 week


Besides the Stamping production lines, we also equipped with a welding production line with welding robot, an assembly line and a machining production line. Besides our own equipments, we have also professional suppliers of assistant industries, like surface treatment suppliers of powder coating, zinc plating, hot dip galvanizing, .

Main customer & Products application
Our main customer include: Foton, Girardin Mini Bus, Dieau, Battenfeld Technologies Inc etc. Main products application: Auto parts, Leisure shooting parts, Outdoor & Indoor articles, Garden instrument parts etc.
Capacity & Service
We have a staff of 200 members with annual capacity of 10,000tons. Based on our strength, passion and capacity, we devote to supply one-stop service to customers, who will be warmly welcome to visit us.