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We require the new mold for our PCV-PS part 2014-11-25


Please consider:

  • a) Zinc alloy die casting mould with automatic dismoulding.
  • b) 4 cavities.
  • c) M13 X 1 done by casting finish directly. Diameter between 12.75 and 12.80 mm.
  • d) The M13 diameter has two flats surface in each side of diameter like sample ( I sent in the last package) or similar part showed. (0.65 mm by side)
  • e) Please note in the drawing that I am sending on attachment file, that WE HAD CHANGED an internal diameter now 5.8 mm diameter (before 6.35 mm) , this dimension is showed in drawing with blue color letters. If is possible please keep the diameter body of forming pin in 6.35 mm for easy interchange for pines between two molds old and this new.
  • f) We require parts has marked name "MSA" like the old mold that you made.
  • g) For avoid that parts will break in adjustment process we had changed a radius of internal square hole. Please note new radius R2 in blue text.
  • h) Jaime please about hole for tapping M6 x 0.75 mm we have to customers for this part, one client uses thread M6x0.75 and the other one uses ¼” x 32 G thread.

PLEASE make two sets of pines for this hole.
We will change pines according our requirements.

We trust entirely on your experience and knowledge to solve now with this mold leakage problem we have with the current mold , you should feel totally free to give us your valuable suggestions.

Many thanks. 

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